SCRAPE SWHELL is the new horrific freebie by SoundFxWizard.

It’s a horror swell sfx generator for Ni Kontakt, all samples are recordings of 4 different categories: Metal Dry Ice Resonances, Bowed Cymbals, Bowed Guitar, Bowed Mandolin. If you need to add a sinister scrapes sound and horror mood to your project you can easy access all samples with a 49 keys master keyboard (1 sample for each white key -1 category for each octave)

KONTAKT custom scripted gui:

4 independent decks triggered by 4 different octave with independents controls (speed, pan, tune, level) allows to tweak the samples of each category and modify parameters for the direct sample and for its reversed version, giving you the possibility to create a total 8 layer swell.

Both direct and reversed samples has independent FX controls to enhance sonic variations and sense of motion!





See how sound designer Giorgio Riolo creates horror swell sfx in realtime using SCRAPE SWHELL only for more than 1 hour (no talking).

Listen the endless combinations of the instrument!

FREE DOWNLOAD (SCRAPE SWHELL works with Ni Kontakt Full version, 5.8.1 or above, it dosen’t work with free Kontakt Player)